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About Us

Yanbian gold girder ginseng industry Co.,Ltd.has three production bases of panax ginseng, which are located in Yilan town of Yanji city,Toudao town of Helong city and Ji'an town of Tonghua city,Jilin province. 

The predecessor was a state-owned forest farm in the late 1980s.During the Qing dynasty,it paid tribute to the royal wild ginseng and honey production area. 

The registered capital of ginseng industry is 10 million yuan, and the total assets are about 160 million yuan. 

It is the first one to produce ginseng and seeds under forests and glossy ganoderma on a large scale. 

The enterprises now occupy nearly 580 hectares of forest land,nearly 260 hectares of ginseng under forests, 2 million stocks of ginseng under forests,10 hectares of ganoderma lucidum under forests and 10 hectares of undergrowth ganoderma lucidum under forests. 

Ganoderma lucidum fungus section 400,000,the company has three professional cooperatives forest area of nearly 500 hectares, two research institutes,more than 10 large frog breeding ponds under the comprehensive forest economic entities. 

The company has 10 senior technicians and more than 60 workers. 

The company cooperates with the Institute of Special Products of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Jilin Agricultural University,the College of Agriculture of Yanbian University and the Institute of Nutrition of Yanbian University, which provides a strong guarantee for the company's planting technology and product development.

The old saying "the world ginseng see China,the Chinese ginseng see Jilin",while the Jilin ginseng is in the Changbai mountains.wild ginseng has higher requirements for growth environment.It is afraid of heat, drought and sunshine. 

It requires loose soil,fertile soil and cool air.The mixed coniferous broad-leaved forest at 500-1000 meters above sea level in Changbai mountain is the best environment for ginseng growth. 

The ginseng cultivated from this area is volatilized in ginseng total saponins, ginsenoside monomers and panax ginseng. 

The content of oil and ginseng amino acid was higher than that of ginseng from other places.Relying on the company's unique ecological resources, ginseng and ganoderma lucidum have absolute advantages in Jilin province and even the whole country. 

They are large-scale production enterprises of ginseng and ganoderma lucidum and they are the national demonstration zones for comprehensive standardization of agriculture of ginseng. 

We implement strict quality control and technical support,seed production and marketing of a full set of traceable services.Provide first-hand supply for users and purchasers.

The standardized management of ginseng industry started in 2006. 

In that year,the Jilin provincial government convened ginseng industry meetings many times,concurrently with document No.10 - "Notice on Unifying the Classification of Ginseng Commodities". 

Ginseng is divided into three categories: wild ginseng, migrated ginseng and garden ginseng. 

All processing, marketing and standard-setting are required to be carried out in accordance with the three categories.

According to GB/T 18765-2015 "Identification and Grading Quality of Wild Ginseng",there are two definitions of wild ginseng in the national standard. 

First,wild ginseng is the original ecological ginseng which spreads naturally and grows under dense forest in deep mountains.If the wild ginseng is listed as endangered protection in the country,no one can dig it. 

Second, wild ginseng is "planted artificially and naturally grown in deep mountains and dense forests of ginseng". 

The most important is "natural growth".The so-called "natural growth" means that there is no artificial management,such as light transmission,weeding, pinching,pesticide use, etc. 

These artificial measures will change the natural growth of wild ginseng. 

Even if it is not transplanted,it has no characteristics of wild ginseng,so it can not be called wild ginseng.

The identification of wild ginseng depends on five shapes:grain,reed,body,kidney and whisker.If it has the characteristics of clumsiness, hypertrophy,big reed bowl, sparse reed bowl and not compact,shoveling grass, translucent light and pinching head are the main culprits. 

One appraisal poem tells a very vivid story:the reed bowls are close to each other,the round-shouldered jujube stones are round,the skin is tight,the fine lines are flexible,the skin is sparse and clear,and the pearls are dotted with the needles. 

Only those who possess the above characteristics can be called wild ginseng,which is also called under story seed in the industry. 

The inclusion of seeded ginseng in the category of wild ginseng has attracted great attention from the National Standardization Administration Committee of China. 

The document "Agricultural Light Letter (2003) 88 of the State Standards Committee" and the letter approving the first amendment of GB/T 1876-2002 "Grading Quality of wild ginseng" have been approved and implemented by the State Standards Committee.

Ginseng includes three categories: wild ginseng,migrated ginseng and garden ginseng. 

Wild ginseng and shifting ginseng grow naturally,while garden ginseng is not under the forest,but in the greenhouse in the mountains. 

Some people also want to change migrated ginseng into wild ginseng. 

Fifteen years ago,the Ministry of Agriculture,the Ministry of Forestry,the State Administration of Pharmaceutical Supervision,the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly decided to call wild ginseng.

Wild ginseng benefits the ginseng industry because of the word "wild". 

Today,we protect develop and utilize it to create a better environment for the development of ginseng industry. 

Let the wild ginseng of the golden ginseng industry can take the "one belt and one way" train to become a "one belt and one road ginseng",so that the wild ginseng can go to the world.

The company is people-oriented, honest management, sincerely invite friends all over the world, mutual benefit and win-win situation. 

Jilin Yanbian gold ginder ginseng industry Co.,Ltd.is in line with the business purpose of "honest management credit-based". 

We firmly believe that customers will always be the source of the company's development,adhere to the market-oriented,perfect after-sales service as a commitment,we actively participate in promotion and industry exchange activities,the company in the long-term development process to the superiority of excellent product quality and many large domestic companies have established long-term good partners. 

We also warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company and exchange technology about our ginseng series include ginseng,mountain ginseng,fresh ginseng,sun-dried ginseng,ginseng flower tea,red ginseng,american ginseng,transplant wild ginseng,other herb etc products. 

Wide acceptance and large association's spirit of entrepreneurship is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all the world to create a better home.

Of course, we mainly produce disposable masks and infrared thermometers