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China is integrating ginseng resources at home and abroad

China is integrating ginseng resources at home and abroad

At present, South Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States and other countries, which are more advanced and mature in foreign countries, have adopted farmland planting production mode, which not only protects forest vegetation and ecological environment, but also is conducive to the whole process of standardized management and mechanized planting. At present, the ginseng base in Jilin Province has adopted the planting mode of forest planting ginseng, because the forest land resources in Jilin Province are decreasing day by day and the forest land resources in Jilin Province are around the world The environment is seriously damaged. Since last year, the approval policy has been significantly tightened. It is expected that the land area for cutting and planting ginseng will be reduced by 50% to 1000 hectares. In the future, no matter from the perspective of sustainable development of ecological resources or the trend of standardization of ginseng planting norms, non forest planting ginseng will be the development trend of ginseng planting in the future. The company, as a leading practitioner and core technology of large-scale non forest planting ginseng, owns In the future, we will share the dividends brought by the transformation of planting mode and the popularization of non forest planting technology.

The current main products are in good condition, and the new panaxadiol saponin injection deserves attention

The sales growth of four major products, Zhenyuan capsule, Shengmai injection, Qingkailing injection and Xinyue capsule, which are mainly promoted, is relatively stable, among which Qingkailing injection and Zhenyuan capsule have a good sales situation. Xinyue capsule has a relatively low sales base last year, so it is expected to have a large increase in sales revenue this year. We expect the total sales revenue growth of the company's major products this year to be between 20% and 30%.

The new panaxadiol saponin injection has completed the third phase of clinical trials, and is currently applying for the approval of new drugs. If it is listed, it will be the only injection product with panaxadiol saponin as the raw material at present, with great market potential and space, which deserves attention.