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The connection of ginseng resources industrial chain

The connection of ginseng resources industrial chain

The first batch of pilot enterprises in Jilin Province have been identified to participate in the pilot work of ginseng medicine and food homology. In the future, ginseng will enter the field of health care products, cosmetics and other pan consumer goods. The company is one of 25 enterprises. We expect that the company will actively respond to the policy call of "medicine and food homology" of ginseng industry in the province, march into the downstream of ginseng industry chain, and produce and develop ginseng series health products, daily chemicals and other products.

In addition, the 1 billion yuan raised by the company after its listing in March this year has not yet been used, which provides a strong capital guarantee for the company to fully enter the downstream of ginseng industry.

The company has a long-term investment value, and has a lot to look forward to in the future. The company focuses on the penetration and development of the whole industrial chain of ginseng. It is expected that in the future, it will fully bloom in the upstream, middle and downstream. As a leading enterprise of non forest planting and ginseng project, the project will enter the harvest period with time and technical barriers, and it is expected to become an important and sustainable income and profit contribution point for the company in the future.

At the same time, as one of the 25 key enterprises of ginseng industry upgrading in Jilin Province, we expect that the company may actively participate in the project of downstream product development and expansion of ginseng industry chain this year or next year, ginseng industry is in the critical period of comprehensive transformation and product upgrading transformation, and the company, as a high-quality enterprise with complete industrial chain development, will usher in huge development opportunities. In addition, the growth rate of the company's existing products is stable, which provides a strong guarantee for the growth of annual income and net profit.