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Experience of taking red ginseng

I have to get up early to work every day. I can't get to the dormitory until about 11 o'clock in the evening. I'm a little sleepless. Even if I'm tired during the day, I still can't sleep at night. Even if I've been tired during the day, I still can't sleep at night. I can't sleep during the day God, has been proud of the memory also began to decline, a day can not play up, the total feeling particularly tired!

When you are old, you should be a health girl. I consulted a Chinese medicine classmate. The classmate said that you can buy some anti fatigue tonics for fatigue. I suddenly remembered that song Zhongji oba drank a Korean ginseng concentrate among the descendants of chasing the sun. It seems that there are many Korean dramas with its figure. It feels very greasy!

I strolled around the little red book, and finally I placed an order. Zhengzhuang red ginseng essence concentrate is portable in 10ml * 30 bags, mainly for easy carrying. A small bag only has 10ml, one bag a day, which is a bar!

Raw material and content: Korean ginseng concentrate (6-year-old root, solid 64%, Ginsenoside Rg1 + RB1 + Rg3 5.5mg/g, made in Korea) 30% (raw material ratio: 6-year-old ginseng root: Korean ginseng root 75%, Korean ginseng whisker 25%), refined water. It has been certified by the food and Drug Safety Administration (KFDA), the national organ of South Korea. It can help enhance immunity, improve fatigue, promote blood circulation and improve memory by inhibiting platelet aggregation!

How to say? It's a little bitter to drink directly, but I can't hold it if I drink it alone. Sometimes I make a cup of coffee and milk by myself, and then add a little honey to pour a bag. It tastes better. I also store several boxes for my parents at home