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How long does ginseng grow best?

The effect of ginseng growing for six years is the best. As for the one hundred year old ginseng, it will be lignified, which will make the medicinal materials hard, but it is not good. There are also ginseng harvested in about one year, that is, the so-called garden ginseng, which is artificially cultivated, and the effect is not as good as that of six years old ginseng.

What is the growth cycle of ginseng

Six years is the best time to eat ginseng; the temperature in Changbai Mountain is tens of degrees below zero, but it lasts for a long time. The growth of authentic ginseng and wild ginseng is very slow. The mature season of ginseng has been reached in six years, and the nutritional components have reached a peak. Ginsenoside has been fully formed. Then growing up, it is just the increase of volume, not the increase of nutrients. The planting cycle of one organic ginseng is 6 years. It is no problem to obtain so many organic certification.

What are the effects of ginseng

Processing in different places

According to the attending physician of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng varieties vary according to the origin and processing methods. In addition to white ginseng, red ginseng and black ginseng, according to the origin, it includes Japan, China's Changbai Mountain and South Korea, and then there are Oriental ginseng, Lycopodium ginseng and Korean ginseng.

Effect of American ginseng

Ginseng also includes American ginseng and American ginseng. Dr. Xie Mingxian pointed out that ginseng planted in western countries is called American ginseng. American ginseng can not only replenish qi but also nourish yin. For people with hot constitution, American ginseng can be used, especially when it is hot in summer. There are also white ginseng without processing that can be eaten in summer.

Red ginseng has strong thermophilic property

The ginseng processed with Aconite is red ginseng after processing. Dr. Xie Mingxian said that red ginseng is warm and hot, so it is often taken in winter. However, if there are hypertension patients with yang hyperactivity and excess heat type, it is not suitable to take tonic medicine, but if it is of deficiency type, it can be taken.

Dangshen is cheap

Dangshen is also a kind of ginseng. According to Dr. Xie Mingxian, the price of Dangshen is relatively low, and the curative effect is not too strong, but it also has effect on tonifying the vitality, so it will not produce some adverse side effects. Therefore, it is usually used to make tea by taking part in shanghuangqi.

Syndrome differentiation based on Constitution

In addition, ginseng is not suitable for patients with so-called empirical evidence. Xie Mingxian stressed that patients with gastrointestinal discomfort, cancer treatment, constipation and cold are not suitable for taking ginseng. They must wait until the disease is treated and evaluated according to their physique before taking ginseng to nourish their vitality.