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The reasons why choosing us

1. The factory has strong strength: The company has 60 hectares of planting base, more than 50,000 square meters of production workshop, to ensure the production cycle, and establish long-term cooperative relations with a number of enterprises.

2. Procedure qualification is complete: can produce red ginseng, ginseng slices, raw ginseng, prepared ginseng wine, ginseng under the forest, fresh ginseng, citronella american ginseng, ginseng flower and other health original ecological tonics. Production qualifications are complete.

3. Price advantage: Raw material source, no intermediate link, high quality and low price, large quantity and good price.

4. Supporting free sampling and free sampling detailed telephone communication.

5. Intimate service: Can help customers design packaging, put forward reasonable production proposals.

6. Strict quality control: Professional safety and quality inspectors strictly control, high quality, safer.

7. High professional level: After professional training, factory employees are responsible for purchasing, ingredients, production and packaging.

8. After-sales guarantee: After the product is out of the factory, there are specialists in product transportation and after-sales docking, eliminating customers'worries.