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ginseng herb

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Effect of ginseng herbs on health


Basic information about ginseng herbs:

Product name: Ginseng herb
Brand: Girder
Reference species: Ginseng herb / round ginseng
Whether to import: No
Place of Origin: Jilin
How to sell: Edible agricultural products
Net content: Customized
Type: ginseng
Storage method: Refrigerated
Note: This product is not a substitute for drugs
Suitable people: Middle-aged and elderly
Unsuitable for the crowd: Infants and young children
Pricing unit: g
Shelf life: 12 months
How to eat: Cooking
Packing specification: Custom
No.: GS-14-8

Ginseng is a herb that is the king of herbs. Everyone is familiar with ginseng, knowing that it is rich in nutrients and has a great complement. It can be used as a medicine or as a diet. Most people use it to make a variety of hot drinks. In fact, our understanding of ginseng is only one-sided. Let us know more about the efficacy of some ginseng.

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The efficacy of ginseng herbs

1. For first aid

Large doses of ginseng herbs (0, 3-1) decoction or stew, or ginseng herbal injection (0, 57g per ml containing crude drug) 2-4ml for muscle or intravenous injection, can be used for cardiogenic shock First aid, or other patients who are extremely dying at one time; people who participate in the use of aconite can cure the collapse of the dead.

2. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Ginseng herb has a certain therapeutic effect on hypertension, myocardial malnutrition, coronary atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, etc., which can alleviate various symptoms, and ginseng herbs have an adjustment effect on abnormal blood pressure.

3. For stomach and liver diseases

For chronic gastritis accompanied by gastric acid deficiency or hypoacidity, after taking ginseng herbs, the appetite increased, the symptoms were alleviated or disappeared, but there was no significant effect on gastric juice secretion and gastric acidity. It has also been reported that ginseng herbs can cause stomach pain in patients with chronic gastritis to disappear, appetite is enhanced, stool is normal, and total acidity of gastric juice is increased. For acute infectious hepatitis, taking ginseng herbs has certain positive significance in preventing the conversion to chronic hepatitis under certain treatment conditions.

4. Treating diabetes

Ginseng herbs can improve the general condition of people with diabetes, but do not change the degree of hyperglycemia. Symptoms such as thirst and weakness disappear or decrease; some patients can reduce the amount of insulin after taking ginseng herbs.

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5. For mental illness

Ginseng herb seems to have a therapeutic effect on both incompetent and incompetent and depressive psychosis, regardless of its etiology (schizophrenia, poisoning caused by poisoning or infectious diseases, degenerative psychosis, etc.).

6. Treatment of neurasthenia

Ginseng herb has a significant excitatory effect on the nervous system, can improve the body's ability to move, reduce fatigue; has a certain therapeutic effect on different types of neurasthenia patients, so that patients gain weight, eliminate or reduce general weakness, headache, insomnia, etc. symptom.

7. Treatment of impotence

Ginseng herb is commonly used as a strong agent in Chinese medicine. It can be used to nourish vital energy. Recent studies have proved that it has the effect of enhancing the function of the gland. Ginseng has a significant effect on paralytic and premature ejaculation impotence, and has a certain therapeutic effect on cortical and spinal impotence caused by neurasthenia.

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