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ginseng herb

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Natural healthy organic raw panax ginseng herbs root


Type:Crude medicine ginseng herbs
Place of origin:Jilin
Brand name:Girder
Model number:GS-14--
EINECS NO:289-289-5
Botanical name:Panax ginseng herbs C. A. Mey
Part:Whole root
Chinese name:Ren Sheng
Active ingredients:Ginsenoside Rg1,Ginsenoside Re/Ginsenosides
Grade:Food and medicine/pharmaceutical
OEM service:Available
Shelf life:24 Months

Ginseng herbs belong to perennial herbs, which mostly grow under coniferous broad-leaved mixed forest or deciduous broad-leaved forest. It likes cold and humid climate, avoids direct light, and requires strict soil.?

It is suitable to grow in sandy loam and humus loam with good permeability.?

Common garden ginseng herbs were harvested for 6 years, undergrowth ginseng herbs for 8-9 years, wild ginseng herbs for more than 15 years, and ginseng herbs planting land needed 20-30 years to cultivate before planting again.?

The wild ginseng herbs in China were originally mainly distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang (formerly called Liaoshen herbs) and Hebei and Shanxi (formerly called Shangdang ginseng).


There is a great gap between Ginseng yield and output value in China. In 2010, China's ginseng output accounted for 10% to 20% of the global output value, while Korean ginseng output was only 10-15% of China's, but the output value was nearly 3.5 times that of China. More than half of the raw materials of Korean ginseng products come from China. After processing, they are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. At the same time, a large number of Korean ginseng products are sold back to China.

Ginseng herbs generally need 5-6 years from sowing to harvesting.?

The aerial part basically increases one compound leaf a year.?

Its compound leaf is composed of three leaflets (commonly known as three flowers) annually, and then one compound leaf composed of five leaflets annually. The number of compound leaves did not increase after six years. Ginseng herbs blossoms in the third year

The main roots of ginseng herbs have rooting stems at the top, withered in autumn, leaving discoid stem marks on the roots, commonly known as the "reed bowl", as well as the buds that will germinate in the coming year. Ginseng rhizome grows a discoid stem scar (reed bowl) every year. The longer the growing years, the more reed bowls.


The border ginseng herbal area represented by Ji'an City and the common ginseng herbal area represented by Fusong County in Jilin Province.

There are different planting methods between the two ginseng herbs. Common ginseng herb area is mainly farm variety Damascus, the local soil is sticky, ginseng root is not easy to root down, ginseng body is short and thick, basically three-year-old transplanting, six-year-old harvest (three years after transplanting), known as three-three system cultivation.

Ginseng herbaceous area is mainly farm cultivar Erma teeth. The soil is Sandy and the roots of ginseng are easy to root down. When three-year-old seedlings are transplanted, the lateral roots and fibrous roots of ginseng herbaceous seedlings should be pinched off, leaving only two long and thick lateral roots at the lower end of the main body, which will grow into two legs in the future, making ginseng herbaceous roots as beautiful as human shape, because Erma teeth are not as good as Dama. In order to improve the grade of ginseng herbs, ginseng roots which do not meet the requirement of ginseng herbs were excavated after two years of transplantation. The ginseng with good shape and no disease spots was planted for two years and harvested at seven years. The three-year-old transplanting and five-year-old re-transplanting seedlings harvested at two years are called "322" system.


Because ginseng herbal seeds belong to the incomplete type of embryo development, the newly harvested embryos are very small, consisting of only a few cells, such as needle tip size, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. They need to be mixed with wet sand for moisturizing storage. After 3-4 months under the condition of changing temperature day and night at 20-12 centigrade, the embryos grow up and the seeds crack. This stage is called Post-ripening stage of morphology. After 2-3 months storage at low temperature of about 5 C, the physiological Post-ripening period can be completed before the seeds can emerge.

The content of total saponins in ginseng herbs reached the highest level in 3-4 years. The content of main roots did not change much, but the fibrous roots increased gradually. But the proportion of saponins in fibrous roots and main roots is different. In addition, the content of polysaccharides in fibrous roots of Panax ginseng was lower, while the content of main roots was higher.


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