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ginseng herb

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Wholesale Chinese dried ginseng herbs


Ginseng herb basic information

Type:Crude medicine ginseng herb
Place of origin:Jilin
Brand name:Girder
Model number:Natural herbs
Product name:ginseng
Packing: 10kg/carton
Grade:Food grade
Payment: T/T
Code number: GS-14-10

Ginseng is a perennial herbaceous plant. It likes cool and humid climate. It grows mostly in coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest or miscellaneous forest on gentle slopes or slopes with small temperature difference between day and night. It is named for its large roots, spindle-like shape, often bifurcated, full-looking head, hands, feet and limbs.

Ginseng is a perennial herb with shady leaves and no stomata and palisade tissue. It can not retain water. It grows in the coniferous-broad-leaved mixed forest or under the deciduous broad-leaved forest of Pinus koraiensis at an altitude of hundreds of meters between 33 and 48 degrees north latitude. It is produced in northeastern China, Korea, Japan and Eastern Russia.

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Ginseng herbs for thousands of years are ginseng grown for thousands of years. They are extremely rare and have high medicinal value. It is reported that a wild mountain ginseng herb weighing 75.8g appeared at the ginseng festival of Tonghan Spring Hall in Taomiao, Laocheng, on November 20, 2004. It has been identified that the ginseng has traveled a thousand years in the Changbai Mountains of Jilin Province. When the ginseng farmer discovered it weighed more than 300 grams, making it the heaviest ginseng to date.

Ginseng herb is one of the oldest relic plants on the earth. Angiosperm flourished widely in the Tertiary Period. It usually lives for several decades in natural environment. But wild ginseng has strong regeneration ability and can grow for hundreds or even thousands of years under suitable conditions. The Title deserves it. But thousands of years of ginseng is like an endangered animal, very rare, but the basic price is sky-high.

Growth environment of ginseng herbs

Ginseng herbs are distributed in eastern Liaoning, eastern half of Jilin and Eastern Heilongjiang. They generally grow in the climatic conditions of 2000-3000 C, 125-150 days frost-free, 20-44 cm snow, 500-1000 mm annual precipitation. They like cold and humid climate, inclined and diffuse light, and avoid strong light and high temperature. Soil requirements are good drainage, loose, fertile, deep humus layer of brown forest soil or mountain ash brown forest soil, soil pH 5.5-6.2 is appropriate.


What kinds of ginseng herbs are there?

1. Raw Radix Ginseng Herbs: The surface of raw Radix Ginseng Herbs is yellowish, with black-brown cross-lines and vertical wrinkles, brittle, light, flat cross-section, white, with radial cracks, fragrance, bitter taste.

2. White dried ginseng herbs: The main root epidermis of white dried ginseng herbs has been removed, the body surface is light yellow or white, the upper cross-stripes are not obvious, but there are shallow longitudinal wrinkles and branched root scars, and other characteristics are similar to those of sun dried ginseng.

3. Red ginseng herbs: Red ginseng herbs have brown-red surface, translucent, yellowish rhizome, hard and crisp, flat cross-section, cutin, brown-red, light-colored center, fragrance and bitter taste.

4. Wild ginseng herbs: the main root of wild ginseng is short-rented, equal to or shorter than the rhizome. Most of them have two main branches, which resemble human body. The fibrous roots are sparse and long, not easy to break, and there are obvious verrucous protuberances on them.


Ginseng herb is a tertiary relic plant, belonging to the family Acanthopanaceae, perennial herbs, stem height of about 40-50 cm, whorled palmate compound leaves. In early summer, small yellow-green flowers, single terminal umbrella inflorescence, flat round fruit, is also a valuable Chinese herbal medicine.

It has a long history of medicinal use in China. For a long time, because of over-exploitation and exhaustion of resources, the forest ecological environment on which ginseng herbs depend for survival has been seriously damaged. Therefore, ginseng has long been extinct in the Central Plains, such as southern Shanxi, southern Hebei, Henan and Western Shandong, represented by Shangdangshen, Wujiake of Shanxi Province. At present, Northeast Ginseng is also on the verge of extinction, so it is of great significance to protect its natural resources.

Ginseng is a perennial herb. Its roots and leaves can be used as medicine. This medicine is a traditional tonic in China. Ginseng Herbal bag tea is a kind of baked green health bag made from fresh leaves of ginseng cultivated artificially and green tea made by the method of killing, rolling and drying. It is suitable for middle-aged and old people to drink.?

This product of ginseng herb is yellow and white granules and powder; slightly fragrant, slightly bitter, sweet.?

Invigorating Qi, invigorating Jin and quenching thirst, invigorating spleen and benefiting lung. Used for body fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitation and short breath, insomnia and amnesia caused by deficiency of body belong to Qi deficiency syndrome.


Yanbian Gold Girder Industry Co., Ltd. located in Yanbian city, Jilin province, It has a ginseng planting base of about 500,000 square meters,the main products or services for various ginseng processing.?

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