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Disposable mask

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Factory direct 3-layer protective dust-proof filter mask civil disposable mask

disposable mask

Origin: Guangdong

Imported or not: No

Type: Non medical disposable mask

Material: Non-woven, melt blown

Packing method: 10 pieces / bag

Mask style: Ear type

Breathing valve device: No

Protection level: Medical

Filter effect: Filter bacteria

Executive standard: YY / T 0969-2013

Scope of application: Disposable medical mask for wearing in general medical environment, blocking the exhalation of oral cavity and nasal cavity or ejecting pollutants

Size: Length 14.5cm * width 9.5cm series medical children's mask

Wearing method: Ear type

Fold by: Plane

Nose clip: Yes.

Color: White, cartoon

Manufacturer type: No. non sterile plane ear hook type (medium)

Does disposable mask wear reversely have an effect?

There is no doubt that the question "will it have an impact if the disposable mask is worn reversely" will certainly have an impact. If the effect is the same, there is no need to design both sides. About "what will happen if the mask is worn reversely", the introduction is as follows:

disposable face mask.jpg

The first problem is feeling bored.

Disposable face mask is smooth on the front and rough on the back. Many people are used to face their mouth smooth, and think it's wrong not to hurt their skin. The air permeability of rough surface is stronger, and it will feel boring if worn reversely.

The second problem is not waterproof.

disposable face mask.jpg

The front side of disposable mask is also smooth. It has strong anti-virus ability, but poor air permeability. The reverse side is completely opposite. In addition, the mask has a waterproof design on the front. If the user wears the mask upside down, the mask is easy to get wet.

The third problem is comfort.

As for the positive and negative discrimination of disposable masks, it is very important that the thread head (seam) is outward. Some users think that if the thread is not beautiful, they will wear the mask upside down, which will be more beautiful, but the mouth will feel uncomfortable.

disposable face mask.jpg

The fourth problem is the decline in the degree of prevention.

The effect of disposable mask against bacteria and virus is related to many factors, among which wearing the mask reversely will lead to the situation of not being fit, thus reducing the defensive ability. At the same time, the user will unconsciously pull the mask because of the discomfort caused by wearing it reversely. Once the mouth is separated from the mask, the exposure will increase the risk accordingly.

disposable face mask.jpg

The fifth problem is foggy glasses.

Disposable masks wear reversely, airtight will cause trouble to people wearing glasses. Always taking off the mask or glasses will also make the isolation effect worse.

disposable face mask.jpg