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Disposable mask

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Three layer non-woven cloth with melt blown blue disposable mask

disposable mask

Material of disposable mask: Non woven

Suitable season: When needed

Applicable gender: No gender

Process customization: Yes

Mask style: Ear type

Place of origin: Guangdong

Function: Dust and virus proof

Cross border source: No

How to distinguish the positive and negative of white disposable mask

There are many colors of disposable masks. Blue is the most common one. Besides blue, white and pink are also common. No matter which color of mask, the protective effect is the same. When purchasing, you must choose the packaging with the words "medical surgical mask".

disposable face mask.jpg

Non white disposable masks are very easy to distinguish, with the lighter side facing in and the darker side facing out.

Pure white disposable mask, because the front color is the same, so when we wear it, look at the line head on the outer wall of the mask, the line head is facing out, and the wireless head is facing in.

disposable face mask.jpg

Some pure white disposable masks are designed with metal strips, which are more suitable for people wearing glasses. Users can distinguish the front side and the back side by observing the metal strip. The outer side of the metal strip is the front side of the mask.

For the mask with crease, the face with crease downward is the front side of the mask, the face with crease downward is the front side, the face with crease upward is the back side of the mask, and the back side is worn inward, all colors are applicable.

disposable face mask.jpg

There is another way to correctly distinguish the front and back sides of the white mask: touch the mask with your hand, feel smooth on the front side of the mask, feel rough on the back side of the mask, and wear the rough back tightly against your mouth.

In the design of masks, smooth surfaces are generally waterproof, while rough surfaces pay more attention to ventilation. Because when wearing the mask, you must pay attention to the positive and negative, otherwise it will bring discomfort, such as making glasses foggy.

disposable face mask.jpg

How to distinguish the positive and negative of the white disposable mask is summarized as follows:

1. The one with thread head is the front, and the one with wireless head is the back.

2. The front with the fold facing down and the back with the fold facing in.

3. The smooth waterproof surface is the front, and the rough surface is the back.

4. The non white dark color is the front and the light color is the back.

5. Wear with the front facing out and the back close to the mouth.

disposable face mask.jpg