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Disposable mask

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Kn95 protective mask disposable mask 5-layer mask

Kn95 protective mask

Origin: Guangdong

Import or not: No

Brand: Other

Item No.: 001

Material: Non woven

General color: White

Weight: 4.7 (g)

Packing method: 10 boxes

Mask style: Ear type

Breathing valve device: No

Protection level: P2

Filtering effect: 99%

Executive standard: gb2626

Certification: CE en149 FDA

Cover material: Flannelette

Function: Dustproof filter, anti-virus

Scope of application: Personal protection

Series: Adult

Specification: 0.091

Color: White

Package: 10 color boxes with transparent bags

Nose clip: Built in

Which is better, kn95 or disposable medical mask


First of all, we need to make clear that disposable medical masks ≠ medical surgical masks. The two kinds of masks are not the same in terms of implementation standards and use scope. Disposable medical mask yy0969-2013 is used to block the splashes out of the mouth and nose. It can be used for disposable health care in general medical or living environment, with the lowest protection level. It is suitable for general health care activities, such as cleaning, dispensing, bed cleaning unit, etc. There is no requirement for the performance of anti permeability and particle filtration efficiency, so kn95 is more recommended. Kn respirator is in accordance with gb2626 standard. Kn95 and N95 are only different from the auditing organizations and standards. Kn95 and N95 can achieve more than 95% of the filtration efficiency of non oil particles, so you don't need to worry about it. But kn95 is not impervious, so it can not be used for medical operation, especially for high-risk operation that may splash. But it can effectively block the droplets, so it is enough for our ordinary people's daily protection. The medical surgical mask is very similar to disposable mask. The medical surgical mask should meet the pharmaceutical industry standard YY 0469-2011. When you buy it, you should carefully check whether the standard is printed on the outer package. As for how ordinary people should wear protective masks when they are out of the house, the following suggestions are made:


Disposable medical mask: it is recommended to be used by the public in non crowded public places.

Medical surgical mask: due to the high protective effect of disposable medical mask, it is recommended to wear it during the on-the-job period for suspected cases, public transport department and passengers, taxi drivers, sanitation workers, service personnel in public places, etc.


N95, kn95 and above particulate protective masks: it is recommended to use them by field investigation, sampling and testing personnel. The public can also wear them in highly crowded places or closed public places. However, due to the tension of N95 masks, we still try to give N95 to front-line workers.

N95 medical protective mask: it is recommended to be worn by medical staff in fever clinic, isolation ward and confirmed patients when they are transferred.