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Disposable mask

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M2.5 protective cotton mask dust and haze mask kn95 filter disposable mask

Kn95 protective mask

Article No.: kn95-7 mask

Source category: Spot

Process customization: Yes

Applicable gender: Both male and female

Import or not:No

Color: Black valve (with two filters), blue valve (with two filters), red valve (with two filters)

Size: One size

Cross border source: No

The difference between kn95 and Kn90 masks

Kn is a respirator conforming to the national standard (gb2626-2006 / gb2626-2019), which is the particle protection grade of the respirator certified by China. It refers to the filtering ability of the respirator for the non oil particles with a diameter of 0.3 μ m (the particle error is 0.06 μ m, which is different from the American standard).

kn95 mask.jpg

Kn type mask is suitable for filtering non oily particles.

The biggest difference between Kn90 and kn95 is that their filtration grades are different, and they can respectively filter 90% and more than 95% of particles. These two are just different filter levels. For ordinary people, Kn90 can also be used.

At the same time, the higher the filtration efficiency, the worse the air permeability. That's why many kn95 masks have breathing valves. Usually, kn95 series masks are used in industry.

kn95 mask.jpg

Due to the high degree of protection, the permeability of the mask is not good, and wearing it for a long time will easily cause discomfort.

The design of the exhalation valve is very delicate, with several layers of cover. When inhaled, the lid will close to ensure that no particles enter. When exhaling, the flap will open to let out the hot and humid air.

At the same time, there is a soft flap inside to ensure that no small particles enter. The respirator wearing the respirator is also protective. It is recommended that you choose the respirator without the respirator because the respirator can protect the wearer, but not the surrounding people.

kn95 mask.jpg

If you are a virus carrier, please choose N95 without exhalation valve, do not spread the virus. If you want to maintain a sterile environment, you should not use a mask with an exhalation valve, because the wearer may exhale bacteria or viruses.

There is a lot of controversy about kn series respirators. Whether this series of respirators are medical depends on its process standard. Those that meet gb19083-2010 are medical ones, and those that meet gb2626-2010 / 2019 are ordinary ones. The difference between them is whether they are required for anti penetration.

kn95 mask.jpg

Compared with other styles, the medical special fund mainly increases the requirements for liquid penetration resistance. That is to say, under the same ability of filtering particles, the mask of medical type has stronger water resistance and splash resistance, which is suitable for medical posts.

kn95 mask.jpg