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Disposable mask

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PM2.5 protective dust and ventilating industrial dust, haze and virus kn95 mask

disposable mask

Material: Non woven

Suitable season: time required

Applicable gender: Both male and female

Process customization: No

Mask style: Ear type

Origin: Guangdong

Function: Prevent vehicle exhaust and virus

Colors: Default colors

Kn95 respirator has excellent protection and comfort. Generally, in special occasions, in order to play an effective protective effect, kn95 respirator will be worn. Kn95 respirator has low respiratory resistance and is not suitable for wearing for a long time.

The kn95 respirator is an industrial dust-proof respirator, and PM2.5 protection is certainly no problem. However, according to Germany's labor protection regulations, workers should not wear N95 masks for more than half an hour at a time; after half an hour, they must take off kn masks to breathe normally for more than half an hour. Otherwise, it may cause permanent damage to the respiratory system. It is not suitable for the elderly and children.

kn95 mask.jpg

From my own analysis and experience, one of the main reasons for kn95's discomfort in wearing for a long time is that it's too tight to know if anyone has ever worn a big earphone with a chuck. Yes, that's the feeling. The second reason is that the density of the material is large, resulting in poor air permeability. After a long time, it will inhale too much carbon dioxide, causing dizziness, sleepiness and so on.

At this time, I'm sure you can't help but take off the kn95 mask to breathe. When I was in the north, our classroom seldom opened windows in the whole winter. The population density was high, and the carbon dioxide concentration was absolutely over the standard, which made me sleepy in spring, tired in autumn, dozing in summer, and sleepless in winter and March.

kn95 mask.jpg

It's almost like that. The sensational "permanent injury" on the bag refers to the dyspnea caused by improper wearing of the person with incomplete capacity.

Correct wearing method of kn95 mask

1. Run the headband every 2-4cm, put your hand through the kn95 mask headband, and move the metal nose forward.

2. Put on the kn95 mask and stick it close to the face. Put the head belt at the upper end of the kn95 mask behind the head, then pull the head belt at the lower end, put it behind the neck, and adjust it to a comfortable position.

kn95 mask.jpg

3. Press the fingertips of both hands along the metal strip of the bridge of the nose from the middle to both sides, and then press them inward slowly until they are close to the bridge of the nose.

4. Cover the kn95 mask with both hands as much as possible and conduct positive and negative pressure tests. Positive pressure test: cover the kn95 mask with both hands and exhale vigorously. If the air overflows from the edge of the kn95 mask, i.e. it is not worn properly, the headband and nose metal strip must be adjusted again; negative pressure test: cover the kn95 mask with both hands and exhale vigorously. The center of the kN95 mask will sink down. If air enters from the edge of the kN95 mask, the headband and the metal strip of the nose bridge must be adjusted again.

kn95 mask.jpg