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Disposable mask

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Anti spatter, anti droplet, anti virus export kn95 disposable protective mask

disposable mask

Kn95 disposable respirator origin: Guangdong

Import or not: no

Brand: other

Article No.: anti foam respirator

General color: white

Weight: 7 (g)

Packing method: cartoon box

Mask style: ear type

Breathing valve device: no

Protection level: high protection level

Filtering effect: good

Executive standard: gb2626-2006

Certified: CNAs

Replaceable filter material: good

Cover material: non-woven

Function: Protection

Kn95 disposable protective mask application range: protection series

Color: all colors

Size: 11.5 * 11.5cm

Package: 2 in a package

Main downstream platforms: eBay, Amazon, wish, express, independent station, lazada

Main sales areas: Africa, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, North America, Northeast Asia, Middle East

Authorized private brand: Yes

Product category: protective mask

Kn95 disposable protective mask is for foreign trade only: Yes, this product is for foreign trade only

Kn95 mask is not suitable for long time

kn95 mask.jpg

But it won't cause respiratory system damage. "If you wear the kn95 mask for a long time, it's possible to have a bit of dyspnea, chest tightness and dizziness, but it will cause permanent respiratory system damage. It's totally nonsense. We often wear it during SARS, and no one has any respiratory system problems." Xu Lihao told reporters that although the kn95 mask can effectively resist PM2.5, it is not suitable for long-term wear. Because the higher the efficiency of the mask to filter the suspended particles, the greater the respiratory resistance, the harder the breathing, and it is easy to suffer from hypoxia, chest tightness and other conditions when wearing for a long time. "If you have to wear it, you'd better take it off in 20 minutes to half an hour to breathe. As soon as you have dizziness or dyspnea, remove it immediately. " Xu Lihao said that the kn95 mask is not suitable for all people, such as the elderly and children, pregnant women, the weak, people with respiratory diseases, cardiopulmonary diseases or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need to wear it carefully. Before using it, it is better to consult a professional doctor to avoid breathing difficulties or even hypoxia. In addition, Xu Lihao reminded the public that there is a place to pay attention to: the kn95 mask can not be used all the time after buying, it has a certain service life. He told reporters that as the use time of the kn95 mask increases, the filtered particles will gradually block the filter screen and increase the respiratory resistance. Moreover, the mask is thick. If it is not removed for a long time, bacteria may grow in the "humid climate" inside. In addition, the use and storage methods are different, which will affect the service life of the mask. It is recommended to replace it every day. Kn95 mask can not be cleaned or sterilized, otherwise, the filtration efficiency will be reduced. In case of contact with infectious environment or damage of components, such as loss of nose clip, fracture of head band, damage of mask, etc., it shall be replaced immediately.

kn95 mask.jpg

As for whether Germany has relevant regulations on the time of wearing kn95 mask respirator, the reporter learned that German regulations do require the time limit of using respirator in the workplace, but this regulation is purely based on the requirements of insurance clauses, only applicable to the situation that employers require employees to wear respirator in the workplace, such as kn95 mask respirator.?

The insurance clause is based on the expectation of high-intensity work. In short, only in the extremely bad working environment, the filtered particles will quickly block the filter material of the mask and increase the respiratory resistance.?

In Germany, for example, when employees need to wear respirators for more than 30 minutes every day, especially when the working intensity of employees is very high, or there is high temperature and humidity in the working environment, or they also need to wear other types of protective equipment (such as protective clothing or heavy work clothes, etc.), they will first undergo medical examination to confirm that their physical conditions are suitable for breathing.?

kn95 mask.jpg

At the same time, there are specific regulations on the time limit of different types of respirators such as kn95 respirators in each use. There is a 30 minute break between each use of respirators such as kn95 mask respirators, but it is not "every 30 minutes, you have to rest 30 minutes".?

Therefore, the statement circulated on the Internet is inaccurate. In China, the United States and other countries in Europe except Germany, there is no law to limit the time limit of respirator because of respiratory resistance.?

The German regulation does not apply to the situation that ordinary people choose to wear respirators in their daily life. It's worth noting that the respirator standards of various countries, such as kn95 mask respirator, have clear limits on respiratory resistance, so as to ensure that healthy adults do not harm their health by wearing respirators, such as kn95 mask respirator, for 8 hours a day under normal labor intensity.

kn95 mask.jpg