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Disposable mask

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Anti virus disposable protection respirator face mask

respirator mask

Colorful polypropylene disposable medical face mask with earloop
PP non woven + high filtration paper + PP non woven
17.5*9.5cm for adult, 14.5*9cm for child, 12.5*7.5cm for baby
Ear loop:
25+25+25g, or customize
Free of charge, freight charge to be collected
White,green,blue,pink,yellow,orange,purple,red or customize
A. Regular Packing : 50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn
B. Individual Packing: 1pc/bag(can with print), 50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn
C. As per your requirements
Hospital, dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures, home cleaning, pet grooming, beauty salon etc.

Features for disposable medical face mask
1. Made of high quality material, soft and breathable, do no irritation to skin.
2. High filtration efficiency, ensures maximum sanitary mouth and nose protection from fluids, dust, pollen, allergens,fluids pet hair, illness etc.
3. Elastic and easy to wear.
4. Cheap price, good quality and widely use.
5. Disposable and eco-friendly.

Disposable non-woven face mask

Made by soft non woven fabrics,breathable and confortable, It takes into consideration both the comfort of human body and the basic requirements of efficient breath. A flexible nose Nose bar is adopted at the bridge of nose; The four sides of the mask join flatly and tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids? unfiltered air directly entering into the mask and thus make breathe safely. Furthermore, ther earloop which is made of antibacterial spandex prevents any flu danger.

disposable mask.jpg

Disposable 3ply Non-woven Face Mask? (Surgical,Cleanroom,Laboratory)

1. Meeting the international quality criteria(Europe)

2. Made with multi-layered nonpoisonous, non-allergic, non-stimulating materials.

3. The high-efficient and strong electrostatic filtering materials effectively filter the solid particle dust, and prevent the oil liquid gas.

4. The breather valve makes your breath easy by reducing heat accumulation.face mask,2 ply mask, 3 ply mask, N95 mask,? disposable mask, non woven mask.

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The mask body of daily protective disposable mask is made of filter material. The wearer can overcome the resistance of filter material to air flow by self breathing, so it is called self-priming filter respirator. When inhaled, the low air pressure in the mask makes the air flow into the mask; when exhaled, the air pressure in the disposable mask is higher than the ambient air pressure, and the air flow is discharged through the mask. When the filter material of the mask meets the requirements of the standard, and the disposable mask is close enough to the user's face, most of the suction air will be filtered by the filter material. The daily protective mask can't fit the face 100%, which is affected by many factors, such as face shape, skin smoothness and whether there is hair pad under the mask. Most of the particles inhaled by wearing the daily protective mask are from leakage, so the tightness of the daily protective mask is the key to ensure that the efficient filter material plays a role. In order to reduce the leakage, the disposable mask of daily protection type must be designed into a three-dimensional structure, and the head strap and nose clip shall exert certain pressure to make the disposable mask closely fit the face.

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