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Disposable mask

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3 ply nonwoven disposable protective face mask

disposable mask

Material: 100% plastic
Size: 3*0.8mm
Weight: 400m/kg
Color: White or customized
Lenght: 5kg/roll or customized
Package: 2000m/roll, 3000m/roll or as requirement
Quality: 100% New
Item name

Plastic nose wire for face mask
Color:White blue green as clients required
Size:Universal 3.0*0.8mm.or as clients required
Material:Modified PE

1.A nose clip for optimum fit
2. Good Qualitative for face mask
3 easy to use

Supply ability
50 tons per month


Box size or as clients required
1.Samples&Small quantity by DHL,FEDEX,TNT
2.Bulk orders by sea
Delivery port:
Guangzhou or as clients required
Delivery time:
1.Samples&Small quantity within 10 days
2.Bulk orders within 20 days
HS code:3916100000
Payment term:T/T

Can disposable masks be sterilized and reused by medical alcohol spray after use?

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the disposable masks used by ordinary residents in places with low risk can be reused to ensure that the masks are clean and structurally complete, especially when the inner layer is not polluted. After each use, they should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated place. In addition, spraying disinfectants, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency, so it is not suitable to use alcohol spray to disinfect the mask.

disposable mask.jpg

The reuse of masks should be divided into specific situations. If you are alone, for example, you don't have to wear masks when you are not in contact with outsiders at home, including in a private car, or when you are alone outdoors, in a small area, or walking in a park with few pedestrians, you don't need to wear masks. However, patients who enter and leave densely populated public places and take means of transportation, including shopping malls, elevators, meeting rooms and general medical institutions (except fever clinics) can wear general medical masks, which are called disposable medical masks. In this case, the mask can be reused in a clean, dry and ventilated place after returning home. For the staff in the intensive places, including those engaged in the industry, administration, police, security and express delivery related to the epidemic situation, it is recommended to wear medical surgical masks. The use time and replacement frequency of the masks can be appropriately extended according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, if the masks do not have obvious dirt and deformation, it is not necessary to change them every four hours, but for example: In case of dirt, deformation, damage and peculiar smell, it shall be replaced in time.

disposable mask.jpg

What is important is to novel coronavirus pneumonia during the epidemic. It is important to wear masks correctly. What kind of masks should be considered based on the risk of personal exposure, so before choosing the mask, you should first look at the risk category.

In the ward of novel coronavirus pneumonia, staff in ICU and observation room, doctors and nurses in fever clinic of designated medical institutions in the epidemic area, and public health doctors who had epidemiological investigations on confirmed cases and suspected cases, they were advised to wear medical masks. When medical masks were in short supply, they could be used in compliance with N95/KN95 and above criteria. Replacement of quasi particle respirator.

Personnel with high risk exposure, such as medical staff in emergency department, public health doctors who carry out epidemiological investigation on close contact personnel, environmental and biological sample testing personnel related to epidemic situation, etc., are recommended to wear particulate protective masks that meet N95 / kn95 and above standards.

disposable mask.jpg

Medical staff working in general outpatient and ward; staff working in relatively closed places such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.; employees engaged in administrative management, police, security, express delivery, etc. related to the epidemic situation, as well as those living in isolation at home and in common with them are all medium risk exposed personnel, so it's OK to wear medical surgical masks.

The public in the densely populated areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, vehicles, elevators, etc., the indoor office environment, the patients in medical institutions (except fever clinic), the children in kindergartens who concentrate on learning and activities, and the students in school are low-risk exposure personnel. It is recommended to wear disposable medical masks, and children should choose protective products with similar performance.

Indoor activities at home and scattered residents belong to low-risk exposure personnel, so they can not wear masks at home; in places with good ventilation and low personnel density, non-medical masks such as cotton yarn, activated carbon and sponge also have certain protective effect.

disposable mask.jpg

The mask should be worn correctly without over protection. At present, the daily average production capacity of medical N95 masks in China is only 600000, which is the basic protection urgently needed by the medical staff in the first-line ICU.

Leave more professional masks to front-line medical staff and those who need them more.