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Disposable mask

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Non-woven fabric 3ply sugical disposable medical face mask

disposable mask

Material:lPP non woven +melt-blown filter paper+PP non woven
the second layer BFE≥ 95%.
Type:Elastic ear loop
Certification:CE certificate
Delivery terms:DHl/Fedex/TNT
Delivery time:1-3days
1.No Stimulus to human skin
3.Nose Bar Adjust
4.Cheap and good quality
5.Easy Breathability, perfect fitting, soft and comfortable

Wearing a disposable mask is a very effective and necessary personal precautions.

Although now we use disposable masks, in principle, we should throw them after using them. However, as long as we are in "non hospital" and other special life scenes, disposable masks can also be used two or three times.

The ultra-fine fiber material of disposable mask is "outer blue and inner white", the outer blue layer has water repellent performance, with lotus leaf effect; the inner white layer is hydrophilic and "friendly" to the skin. When using disposable mask, we should remember "outer blue and inner white", that is, the blue one is facing the outside, the white one is facing the mouth and nose, otherwise, we will suck the droplets upside down.

disposable mask.jpg

It's especially mentioned that some old people like now, if they go for a walk outside, or when they go to the supermarket or the vegetable market for purchase, if the time is not long, it's usually one or two hours, let alone throw them away once they use them.

After you use the disposable mask, take off the disposable mask with gloves, put it in a ventilated environment, and naturally dry or sun dry the water in it, and prevent the surface bacteria accumulation, you can use it again.

Now some people on the Internet suggest using alcohol or ultraviolet to disinfect the mask, which is not good in fact, but will destroy the protective layer material structure of disposable mask and reduce the protective function.

disposable mask.jpg

At present, some people emphasize the use of medical masks.

The international standards for respirators include "gb19083-2010 technical requirements for medical respirators", "gb2626-2006 self-priming filter respirator for respiratory protective equipment" and "GB / t32610-2016 technical specifications for daily protective respirators". For particulate matter (particle size ≤ 2 5 μ m), filter efficiency level and other technical parameters can meet the protection requirements of ordinary people in daily life. In fact, the medical mask is designed for the working environment of the hospital. Compared with the daily protective mask, it has more functions such as anti alcohol and anti blood penetration, which ordinary people don't touch very much in daily life, but from the perspective of preventing particles and droplets Said that N95 respiratory protection self-priming filter type disposable mask also has the filtering effect. "

For many old people, they often like to find some gauze masks and wear them. For the sake of beauty, some young people tend to choose some anti pollen and anti haze masks.

disposable mask.jpg

In this regard, these masks are not recommended to use. We have done experiments, using 12 or even 18 layers of gauze masks to stack, the result is that the filtration rate of particulate matter is only about 65%, while the filtration efficiency of standardized disposable masks is more than 95%, and the protective performance of small suction resistance is far from the same. The design standard of anti haze masks is different from that of medical masks, and they are not used to intercept viruses. Therefore, it is suggested that you should choose a special disposable medical mask or wear N95 respirator with self-priming filter type respiratory protection when there is no acceptable substitute for higher protection, especially the respirator certified by national or (International) relevant departments.

Our country is a big country in mask production. After more than ten years of construction, the whole system of material industry, machinery industry, manufacturing technology and testing standard is complete, and the output and production capacity can fully meet everyone's needs. " It is suggested that the general public should not hoard masks and use disposable masks reasonably, so that everyone can have masks for protection. When it is beneficial to others, it is also self-interest. Only when everyone has protection, can we win the epidemic prevention and control war.

disposable mask.png

1. Sterile products are used for hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.

2. Non-sterile products can be used for dust-free workshop,hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on.

3. To prevent the spread of body fluids and blood splash content and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading.