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Disposable mask

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Machine decorative making doctor disposable face mask

disposable mask

Product:Medical hospital one time use disposable surgical face mask
Material:Non-woven polypropylene fabric (PP+MB+PP)
BFE:Bacterial filtration efficiency>99%
Color:Blue,Green,White,Pink, etc, optional
Layer:1,2 ,3 ,4ply optional
Packaging:50pcs/box,40box/ctn. 20’ FCL: 910,000pcs (ear-loop), 600,000pcs(with ties)
Other service:OEM and customized logo/brand
Flat PE bag Independent packing
1 piece per PE bag
50pcs pack in one box
40 boxes pack in one carton (2000pcs/carton)
Box size: 18.5x10x12cm (0.25KG)
Carton size: 53*39*51cm (10KG)

Non-woven fabric material disposable surgical mask?

Disposable surgical mask advantages: 3 layers of filtration, no odor, anti-allergic materials, sanitary packaging, good breathability.

Sanitary mask effectively prevent inhalation of dust, pollen, hair, flu, germ, etc.. Suitable for daily cleaning, allergic people, service personnel, as well as patients who need respiratory protection.

Three-layer folding: 3D breathing space

We have certificate: CE;? FDA .

disposable mask.jpg

Generally, the cloth on the surface of the mask is polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric. Polypropylene itself is a kind of hydrophobic material. After it is made into the mask with non-woven fabric, it also has certain water resistance. The water flow is difficult to penetrate unless a large amount of pressure is applied to such materials.

Standards gb19083-2010 (medical protective mask) and yy0469-2011 (medical surgical mask) have technical requirements for anti synthetic blood penetration, gb19083-2010 (medical protective mask) has technical requirements for surface moisture resistance, but YY / t0969-2013 (disposable medical mask) does not have these two technical requirements.

In fact, novel coronavirus can not be resisted without N95 and non surgical surgical masks. Some fake masks also use polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric which can be waterproof on the surface, but melt blown non-woven fabric which plays a core role in protecting the middle layer of the mask, while some fake masks use spunbond fabric to pretend, which can not filter the virus. Therefore, it is not reliable to identify it only by whether it is waterproof or not.

disposable mask.jpg

Standards gb19083-2010 (medical protective mask) and yy0469-2011 (medical surgical mask) have indexes of flame retardancy, but YY / t0969-2013 (disposable medical mask) has no requirements of flame retardancy.

For the flame retardant performance of medical protective mask and medical surgical mask, the corresponding standard requirements: the mask shall be made of non combustible materials, and the burning time after the mask leaves the flame shall not exceed 5 seconds. Many fake masks may use flame retardant materials, but other key properties such as particle filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration efficiency do not meet the requirements of the standard.

The high temperature can kill the virus, but the mask products, especially the medical mask, the materials used and the coating on the outside are all made of special materials (polypropylene melt spraying). If steam and high temperature are used for disinfection, the material of the mask may be changed and the protective effect of the mask may be affected.

disposable mask.jpg

Disposable masks cannot be "disinfected". Alcohol is a liquid. Disinfecting masks with alcohol may damage the hydrophobic treatment process of the mask surface materials, thus affecting the surface barrier performance and the filtering effect of the middle layer. Therefore, it is not recommended. Many expensive masks use filters that cannot be washed with water.

From the outside to the inside, the mask is water resistant layer, filter layer and moisture absorption layer, and the middle filter layer is the main protective effect. The longer the mask is used, the worse the filtering effect. Ordinary toilet paper towels can only absorb the water vapor from the mouth, and can't replace the filtering effect.