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Disposable mask

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Anti pollution coronavirus 3ply earloop surgical medical disposable face mask

disposable mask


100% Brand new and high quality.
Disposable dental medical surgical dust earloop faces mouth masks.
Safe and breathable.
Provide some protection against dust, or some poisonous things.
Suitable for both professional salon or home use.
Material: Non-woven fabrics.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, masks are in short supply. How to reuse disposable medical masks is a problem of great concern to the public. According to the data about the suggestion of reusing disposable medical mask, the method of reusing disposable medical mask is recommended in the period of mask shortage

To the market, supermarkets, shopping malls and other densely populated areas, the public who take public transport, the office staff who do not have external contact, as well as the general factory and outdoor staff.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, suspected patients, asymptomatic infections, close contacts, and the contact with the prevention and control personnel, medical and health personnel.

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Proper use of novel coronavirus pneumonia is an important means to protect ourselves and protect others from new crown pneumonia. The public uses disposable medical masks in large quantities. In the short period of masks, to recommend the public to reuse disposable medical masks for the purpose of prolonging the life of disposable medical masks.

1. Who and under what circumstances can reuse disposable masks

The public who go to market, supermarket, shopping mall and other densely populated areas, take public transport, do not work outside, factory and indoor staff, students who focus on learning and activities (children choose products with similar performance), can reuse disposable masks in case of tight masks.

But novel coronavirus pneumonia, suspected masked patients, asymptomatic infections and close contacts, disposable masks for various patients and disposable masks for public hospitals and other places can not be reused.

disposable mask.jpg

2. Reuse method of disposable mask

When wearing the mask, put a small piece of clean cloth or paper towel on the contact surface of the inner mouth and nose and replace it frequently to keep the inner side of the disposable mask clean. Pay attention not to extend the pad to the outside of the mask, so as not to affect the protective effect of the mask.

After the disposable mask is removed, it can be reused after being hung in a clean and ventilated place and dried naturally. Two masks can be used alternately.

Note: the removed mask cannot be cleaned or disinfected with alcohol or other disinfectants to avoid damaging the electrostatic absorption capacity of disposable mask.

It is recommended that each disposable mask be reused for no more than 5 days. Discard the mask when it is deformed, damaged or dirty.

disposable mask.jpg

3、 Precautions

Wash hands before wearing masks and after removing disposable masks.

Waste masks, paper towels and cloth pads shall be put into the waste disposable masks special dustbin.

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