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Disposable mask

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Factory direct new collection production disposable protective face mask

disposable mask

Item name:Disposable nonwoven dust face mask
Material:Nonwoven, 20+20+25gsm
Standard:CE certificate
Size:17.5X9.5 cm
Color:White/ Blue/ Pink/ etc.
Features:3ply, with laces.
Packing:50pcs/box, 2000pcs/ctn. Plain or printed box are both available.
Functions:Convenient supplies used in workshop, hospital, food industry or for daily use.
Low breathing resistance with high filtration efficiency.
3 ply nonwoven assure to filter and adsorb a certain amount of harmful industrial dust.
Nonwoven laces to tie and fix the mask on face easily.
Economic price for disposable use.

Anti overflow pad, sanitary napkin, diapers.It doesn't sound reliable, but the latest disposable mask pad seems to be quite useful?

Can it help the mask to extend the use time and have a protective effect? A lot of places are selling. Do you pay attention to which one to buy?

Today's article studies this new product very carefully. In order to make it easy for you, let's first draw a conclusion:

disposable mask.jpg

1. The anti overflow milk pad can only absorb moisture in the mask, and cannot effectively prolong the life of the mask.

2. It is not recommended to buy disposable mask pads that are produced by unknown manufacturers and fail to pass the medical testing standards.

3. The disposable mask pad that has passed the medical testing standard may also have the problems of poor air permeability, inability to fit closely with the face, and inability to cover the nose and mouth, affecting the filtering effect.

4. Use disposable masks alternately, hang them up for ventilation and replace them in time, which can last longer.

The anti overflow milk pad is not reliable and cannot guarantee the protection effect

This will start with the self-made mask of anti overflow milk pad, which is popular on social networking sites recently.

Some netizens found that N95 could not be bought, and disposable medical masks were not enough. Since the anti overflow milk pad has the function of moisture absorption and anti permeability, can it also be placed in the disposable mask to keep the mask dry and extend the use time?

disposable mask.jpg

The non-woven fabric with melt blown technology has very fine fibers, which can block bacteria and fine particles in the first step. In addition, electrostatic electret process will be used in the production process to make the fiber more prone to static electricity and absorb small-diameter materials, so as to help us keep the bacteria and viruses in the air out.

However, there are some "mask pads" and "mask manufacturers' restructuring" that flow out of unknown channels on the market. They only use non-woven fabrics. Even if they have three-layer structure and can prevent dust and moisture, they may not use the technology required for the production of medical masks, nor can they guarantee the ability of bacteria filtration.

Although this kind of product publicity is very hard, but the protection effect can not be guaranteed, and it is difficult for ordinary people to identify its material quality and process level, so it is better not to choose.

Even the disposable masks of regular manufacturers should be inspected according to the test standard

disposable mask 175.webp.jpg

Some readers ask: I see that some disposable masks are made by regular manufacturers, and they are sold on some large e-commerce platforms. Is it safe to buy them?

disposable mask.jpg

Don't worry. We have to see if it has passed the medical test standard.

Just as performance is required at work and examination is required at school, there are evaluation criteria for the "performance" of disposable masks.

Knowledge points: the evaluation criteria affecting the protective effect of disposable respirators mainly include: filtration efficiency of particles or bacteria, fluid resistance, synthetic blood penetration, pressure difference, ventilation resistance, as well as tightness, moisture resistance and other indicators.

Some disposable masks are marked with "medical grade" on the outer package, so you must open your eyes and look carefully: is there any word "YY / t-0969-2013" or "yy0469-2011" or "gb-19083-2010" on the package?

They represent the testing standards of general medical mask, medical surgical mask and medical protective mask respectively, and the protective effect is increasing in turn. For ordinary people, the first two standard masks are enough to protect them.

disposable mask.jpg

The disposable mask pad with irregular channels and without medical testing standard certification is basically unreliable. But can some filter elements of masks that claim to have reached kn95 level also pad imported masks to achieve protection effect and extend the use of masks?

In fact, when choosing disposable mask pad, it is not only to see whether it has passed the medical test standard and achieved certain bacterial and particle filtration efficiency, but also to pay attention to its permeability, facial fit, size and impermeability