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Disposable mask

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CE earloop mouth face cover disposable protective medical mask

disposable mask

Application:Hospital, dental, room-cleaning ,food preparation and industrial environments.
Style:Ear-loops / tie-on.
Material:14-40g non-woven fabric.
Middle Filter :--20g/25g Meltblown filter ,BFE95%, BFE99.9% filter paper and Normal filter paper.
Function:Clinical ,hospital, housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust,pollen, and bacteria
Packing:50pcs/box, 2000pcs/CTN
Application:Public place

The disposable mask pad adopts three-layer protection design, the upper and lower layers are filter spunbond nonwovens, the middle layer is virus electrostatic adsorption layer made of melt blown nonwovens, which can effectively absorb virus particles through static electricity, and the three-layer filter is multi effect isolation, making the protection use safer and assured. The upper and lower layers are filter spunbond nonwovens

The middle layer of disposable mask is made of melt blown nonwovens

disposable mask.jpg

Virus electrostatic adsorption layer can effectively adsorb virus particles through electrostatic

Three dimensional structure and back glue design of disposable mask can perfectly fit face shape, comfortable and not easy to shift

Disposable masks are strictly prohibited to be boiled in boiling water and soaked in alcohol for reuse.

Boiling and alcohol are common disinfection methods, but they are not suitable for disposable masks. It will greatly damage the original absorption barrier structure of the mask, the waterproof layer of the mask will be damaged or damaged by the alcohol organic solvent, the structure of the middle filter layer will be damaged, and under the action of water molecules, the electrostatic adsorption filtration will be greatly reduced.

Alcohol will make the waterproof layer of disposable mask invalid

disposable mask.jpg

To reuse:

When they have not been to high-risk areas, such as contact with confirmed patients, stay in fever clinic, etc. If you just go to the supermarket to buy food and shopping, you can safely take off the disposable mask when you come home, and hang the mask in a dry, ventilated place where the sun can shine, and then use it again a day later. In this condition, it is extremely unfavorable for the survival of the virus, and it can ensure that the disposable mask can be reused as much as possible, preferably not more than three times.

The disposable mask for medical surgery is composed of three parts: waterproof layer, filter layer and comfortable layer from outside to inside. When wearing, the white non-woven fabric faces in and the blue waterproof layer faces out. In this way, when talking with patients, most of the viruses carried by the droplets will be blocked by the waterproof layer and difficult to penetrate, and the remaining few pathogenic viruses will be absorbed by the filter layer. Can effectively reduce the risk of infection.

disposable mask .jpg

Barrier principle of disposable mask:

Waterproof layer on the outer layer of disposable mask: usually needle punched cotton, also known as polyester needle felt. Polyester material itself is difficult to absorb water. After the polyester staple fiber is made into non-woven fabric by needle punching, the polar water molecules and droplets are difficult to pass through, but the non-polar air can be inhaled smoothly. In order to improve the effect of waterproof layer, some masks are covered with fluorocarbon polymer to further reduce the surface energy of waterproof layer, so as to improve the waterproof effect.

Middle filter layer of disposable mask: the main material of melt blown non-woven fabric is polypropylene, which is a kind of ultra-fine and static fiber cloth, which can catch droplets and dust. This layer of non-woven fabric is composed of numerous ultra-fine and electrostatic short fibers, which are interwoven and combined by mechanical force. Droplets and dust are like a maze in the jungle composed of short fibers. Under the action of electrostatic force and van der Waals force, most of them stumble and stick to the dense short fibers, thus playing a very strong adsorption role. It is the strong adsorption effect of this layer that greatly reduces the risk of human infection.

disposable mask.jpg

Comfort layer of inner layer of disposable respirator: it is hot-rolled non-woven fabric, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are far better than the other two layers, mainly ensuring the nose and mouth are wet, improving the wearing comfort.

The novel coronavirus, which is needed to infect us correctly through the mask, can enter our lungs through these three barriers, which greatly reduces the risk of infection and disease.

Matters needing attention:

1. The disposable mask must be worn correctly to have an effective protective effect, and the blue waterproof layer must be strictly guaranteed to face the outside. If it is worn in the wrong way, the inner layer with good moisture absorption will be exposed, which is not only difficult to block the droplet virus, but also a comfortable habitat and breeding place, but also increases the risk of infection.

disposable mask .jpg

2. After the dust and droplets are caught by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber, it is difficult to separate them again by washing and cooking, and the electrostatic adsorption capacity of the filter layer will be damaged by washing. So this kind of mask is best used once.

3. In view of the current difficult situation, as long as we haven't visited many crowded places or contacted with virus carriers closely, we can't reach the virus concentration that medical staff are facing. Novel coronavirus can only survive in a dry and ventilated area for a period of time, and the survival time of the new coronavirus can hardly exceed 1 hours. Do not wash with water or spray with alcohol, which may damage the absorption and barrier ability of disposable mask.