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Disposable mask

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Medical grade disposable full face mask

disposable mask


Detailed for disposable mask
1. Non-woven
2. Soft and non-irritating
3. 3-ply
4. High filtration and easy to breath

1. 3-ply protection,highly breathable
2. Adjustable nosepiece, earloops
3.The higher fluid resistant layer,extra soft.Designed specifically for people with sensitive skin,the better the protection from exposure to blood and splash/spray/spatter. (Fluid resistant layer meet ASTM F1862)
4. Flammability class1

How to maximize the effectiveness of each disposable mask?

There are tips for saving and reusing disposable masks scientifically.

1. The disposable mask is enough for general use

If you have N95 masks at home, use them when you need them, such as when you go to the hospital. You can drive alone without a mask.

disposable mask.jpg

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is transmitted through close contact and droplet. Wearing disposable masks, personal prevention, is first based on the risk of personal exposure to disease to consider. If you go to public places or take public transportation, it is recommended to wear masks. If you are alone, driving by yourself or taking a walk in the park, and there is no dense contact with people, you can also not wear a disposable mask, so the risk of infection is very low.

Novel coronavirus infected patients who are directly infected with the new type of coronavirus are, of course, at the highest risk. They must wear disposable masks and other personal protective equipment that meet the requirements of infection control according to hospital regulations.

disposable mask.jpg

2. It is not necessary to change disposable mask once

Ordinary people can decide whether to replace the disposable mask according to its cleanliness. In the case of tight supply, the number of masks can be extended safely and reasonably.

No matter the "steaming" or "boiling" popular among the people, the electric charge in the filter layer will disappear rapidly when water enters, resulting in a significant decline in the filtering effect. It's difficult to disinfect the inner part of disposable mask by applying alcohol on the surface. In the current epidemic situation, it should not be advocated to disinfect and reuse disposable anti-virus masks.

Although medical surgical masks and medical N95 masks are both "disposable", from the perspective of the designer, unless they go to hospitals, supermarkets or contact with suspected patients and other high-risk places, ordinary people do not need to use a protective mask to throw it away, they can use it two or three times, so as to reduce the consumption of disposable mask resources. For example, after walking home, take off the mask, put it in a ventilated environment, and naturally dry or sun dry the water in it, and prevent the accumulation of surface bacteria, you can use it again.

disposable mask.jpg

3. Disposable masks are not enough. How to deal with the emergency?

The country is short of disposable masks in special period, so one disposable mask was used in 9 days. Go out to buy vegetables. It's almost unnecessary on the empty road. At the gate of the supermarket, put on a disposable mask. It's for others and for yourself. After going home, take off the mask, use the hair dryer to face one side of the contact port, and blow at high temperature for about 3 minutes. This can be used repeatedly. There may be many unscientific ways to do this in special times, but in the absence of other ways, it is also one of the ways to solve the shortage of disposable masks. Disposable masks are scarce.?

Please use them scientifically and economically.