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Disposable mask

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Disposable medical surgical isolation face mask

disposable mask

Disposable face mask

Material:Non-woven fabric/PP/SMS/Filter paper/Activated Carbon Fabric, SBPP+MB+SBPP or PP+MB+PP
Adult :17.5*9.5cm Children :14.5*95cm
BFE:Bacterial filtration efficiency>95 or 99%;PFE:99%
Type:With easy elastic ear loop,with nose wire 1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply layer pleated design are available.
Storage:Stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse
Features:Breathable,soft lining,latex and fiberglass free
Application:It's mainly used in medical, dental, clean room, critical environment, food handling/production and industrial manufacturing.
1.Material or other sizes can be according to customers'requirements.
2.Customized Logo/brand printed.
3.Customized packaging available.
Package:52x38x30cm; 2000pcs/ctn
Conforms to American NELSON N95 test standards.
1.Anti-Fog, Moisture Absorbent Nosepiece
2. Dual Fit Chin Contour Technology
3. Form-Fitting Pliable Nose and Chin band
4. Latex free and fiberglass free
5. Soft, rounded earloops,3-ply pleated material for ultimate comfort

Is the homemade mask reliable? What is the effect of disposable mask pad?

Some e-commerce companies began to sell mask materials and heat sealing machines for buyers to make their own masks.

Hygienic conditions and sealing of self-made disposable masks should be considered

disposable mask.jpg

Disposable mask has three layers of structure, the inner and outer layers are supporting structures, the material can also be cloth, the most important is the middle layer plays a filtering effect of melt blown cloth. "The price of melt blown cloth used to be more than 20000 tons, but now it has risen to 23.1 million tons, but there are still many manufacturers that can't deliver the goods. One ton of cloth can make 1.2 million masks. At present, the melt blown cloth sold online according to "square meter" is equivalent to about 600000 yuan per ton.

Although the price is 30 times higher than before, how to ensure the quality of the melt blown cloth sold online is a problem. Different from the cloth used for making clothes, the melt blown cloth used for disposable masks has the performance indexes of bacteria filtration effect and particulate matter filtration effect. The melt blown cloth also needs to go through electret treatment, that is, injecting electric charge, and taking electrostatic effect adsorption as an example to make the filtering effect longer. But people don't know and can't see the test report. They may buy inferior materials or fake materials. "

The material of the melt blown cloth is very thin and its strength is very low. It will be deformed or damaged once it is stretched by hand, which may cause damage to the strong structure in the process of small transportation. In addition, the edge of the mask is pressed by ultrasonic method in the factory, and sewing by sewing machine at home may cause loose sealing and may not fit the face shape. "At the same time, the hygiene of home-made products is hard to guarantee, which needs to be considered by consumers."

disposable mask.jpg

It is not recommended that people make disposable masks by themselves, but if there is no disposable mask and they do it by themselves, they should also pay attention not to places with infection risk such as crowded personnel when wearing it.

The disposable masks produced by the manufacturer will go through the procedures of disinfection, residue detection, and ear belt tension test. It is not recommended to make disposable masks at home.

Pay attention to the material and inspection of disposable mask pad

At present, there are also consumers who choose to buy disposable mask pads to increase the use time of disposable masks by replacing the pads. "With a mouth mask, my mask can be worn for two days and come out twice." One user said.

Do disposable masks have filtering effect?

The material of disposable mask pad also needs to be a material with filtering effect, such as melt blown non-woven fabric, rather than ordinary non-woven fabric. At the same time, the filter material should have a test report, which proves that the bacterial filtration effect is 95% and the particulate matter filtration effect is 90%.

The difficulty of disposable masks may be alleviated. The national development and Reform Commission announced on March 2 that as of February 29, China's daily production of masks, including ordinary disposable masks, medical disposable masks and medical N95 masks, has reached 110 million and 116 million, 5.2 times and 12 times of February 1 respectively.

disposable mask.jpg

Know more:

What are the protection principles of disposable masks? What is the filtering effect of cotton mask?

The protection principle of disposable respirator is closely related to the materials and processes used to block particles, such as mineral fiber, natural fiber or synthetic fiber and filter material fiber, etc. these materials block particles in the air, including gravity sedimentation interception, inertial impact interception, direct interception, diffusion interception and electrostatic interception.

Therefore, the disposable mask can retain particles in the air flow, which is the result of comprehensive effect. More than 16 layers of cotton gauze mask can prevent part of the virus, but it is thick, sultry, low efficiency of anti-virus, and poor tightness with human face. The results showed that the filtering effect of 16 layers cotton gauze mask was only 24%, and that of 24 layers cotton gauze mask was only 36.8%.

At present, most disposable masks are mainly composed of three layers of nonwovens, the inner and outer layers are mainly spunbond nonwovens, the middle layer is electret polypropylene melt blown nonwovens or nanofiber composite materials with higher filtration performance. Polypropylene melt blown nonwovens treated by electret can capture fine particles (virus aerosols, etc.) by the Coulomb force of the charged fibers, which greatly improves the filtration effect. The outer nonwovens of medical masks also have the requirements of preventing blood high pressure splashing.

disposable mask.jpg

Which disposable mask disinfection method can not be used?

At present, some netizens use alcohol, microwave heating and other methods to disinfect disposable masks for reuse. Are these methods reliable?

The filter layer of disposable respirator is mainly composed of polypropylene melt blown microfiber, which is very thin and not resistant to high temperature. When the temperature is higher than 80 ℃, it will shrink and deform, resulting in structural damage and reducing the protective effect. The water will also make the charge in the filter layer disappear rapidly, leading to a significant decline in the filtering effect.

The external surfaces of disposable masks and N95 masks in medical surgery are treated with water repellent treatment, so alcohol, blood and saliva are difficult to penetrate. Therefore, it is difficult to disinfect the surface with alcohol. At the same time, alcohol will destroy the waterproof structure of the outer layer of disposable mask, and the absorption of blood and saliva by the mask material treated with alcohol will increase, which will accelerate the failure of the filter layer of mask.

disposable mask.jpg

Polypropylene melt blown material is a kind of thermoplastic polymer material, which is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. After receiving ultraviolet radiation, the structure will be damaged, that is, oxidative degradation, and the filtration performance will be greatly reduced.

Microwave heating will also destroy the internal structure of disposable masks. At the same time, if the microwave is used to deal with medical waste, it will not be able to continue to heat food.