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Disposable mask

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Protective medical disposable medical 3ply surgical face mask

disposable mask

Product name:
Disposable medical protective 3ply surgical face mask
Style:Ear-Loops / Tie-on
Material:1st layer: Non woven fabric
2rd layer: High density filter paper, BFE>95-99%
3th layer: Non woven( ES material available)
Clinical ,hospital, housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust,pollen, and bacteria
1,BFE ≥99%;
2,PFE ≥99%;
3,Polypropylene inner and outer facing assures comfortable on the inside and protection on the outside
4,Conform with ASTM F2100 level1
5,Conform with EN14683 Type 2
CE,Licensed by State Drug Administration
L:17.5x9.5cm, M:14.5x9.5cm, S:12x7.5cm

How to deal with disposable masks used during the epidemic?

The outbreak of new coronary pneumonia affects people's hearts. During this period, masks have become a necessity of everyone's life. It has become everyone's consensus to wear masks when going out. Some shopping malls have pasted signs like "no masks, no admittance" at the entrance. However, many people are beginning to worry about how to deal with the used masks so as not to let the suspected virus continue to spread, so as not to let the people with ulterior motives pick it up and use it again.

So how to deal with the disposable mask?

There are many rumors on the Internet about how to deal with masks, such as scalding with boiling water, burning, cutting and throwing.

disposable mask.jpg

1, when scalding the disposable mask, a container is needed to put the mask, which will inevitably pollute the container. Moreover, scalding the mask can not satisfy the continuous high temperature environment to eliminate the virus;

2, burning disposable masks is easy to pollute the environment and has potential safety hazards, which is not recommended;

3, the disposable mask should be discarded after being cut. The starting point of this method is to prevent people with ulterior motives from picking up and reusing. Although the starting point is good, it is inevitable to touch the outer surface of the mask in the process of cutting, which is very easy to cause infection, so it is not recommended.

disposable mask.jpg

Correct treatment:

1. If you are in a medical institution, you can directly put the used disposable mask into a garbage bag specially collected by the hospital for medical waste or give it to a professional as medical waste, and finally the hospital will hand it over to a professional treatment institution for treatment;

2. For ordinary people, because the risk of infection is very low, it is suggested that only disposable masks should be sealed with plastic bags and then thrown into the garbage can;


3. For the patients with suspected cases, the disposable masks should be handed over to the corresponding staff for treatment as medical waste when they go to see a doctor or receive an examination;

4. For those who have fever, cough and other symptoms or have been in close contact with infected people, disposable masks shall be sterilized with alcohol or disinfectant and then sealed with plastic bags and thrown into corresponding garbage cans.

We should also pay attention not to touch disposable masks used by others, nor put the used disposable masks directly into bags or pockets. To fight the epidemic, we should work together