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Disposable mask

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Nonwoven disposable medical face mask

disposable mask


1. BFE≥99% Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥99%.
2. PFE≥99% Particular filtration efficiency ≥99%.
3. Effectively isolating bacteria, pollen, dust and haze.
4. Differential pressure ≤29.4pa/m3.
5. Made of high quality non-woven fabric and filter paper which brings soft and comfortable perfect fitting.
6. Meet ASTM F2100 Level 1/2/3
7. Meet EN14683 TYPEI II IIR
8. Applications: hospital, surgical, medical, dental, clinic, school, food industrial, clean room,laboraty, daily protection etc.
9. The production can be made per customers' specification and requirements.

Can disposable masks prevent pneumonia? Can disposable masks prevent influenza?

At present, the world's coronavirus pneumonia is very serious. We usually recommend wearing masks when we go out. If we don't buy N95 masks, can we use disposable masks to prevent the virus of Wuhan pneumonia?

Can disposable masks prevent pneumonia?

There are many types of disposable masks. Generally, disposable surgical masks have a little preventive effect. Other disposable paper masks can not play a good protective role. It is better to wear surgical masks and N95 masks.

Generally, masks should be at least N90 grade, which means 90% filtration rate for 0.3u/m particles (P / m0.3). Comparing the size of virus and bacteria to c.lum and lum respectively, it means that even the virus is hard to filter clean. In addition, the mask is unable to filter the gas molecules, because the dynamic diameter of the gas molecules is between 0.25-045n/m.

Can disposable masks prevent influenza?

The isolation effect of disposable mask is not ideal, and it can not effectively prevent respiratory infectious diseases, such as influenza. Disposable masks are mainly used to protect the mouth and nose, prevent inhalation of coarse dust and floccules. During the period of high incidence of influenza, it is necessary to keep indoor air circulation, light diet, drink more water, exercise properly, and strengthen the body.

What mask should be worn to prevent new pneumonia?

There are three types of disposable masks on the market:

1. Disposable mask for medical surgery

2. Disposable medical protective mask (N95 mask)

3. Ordinary cotton disposable mask

Among them, disposable surgical masks can block 70% of the bacteria, N95 disposable masks can block 95% of the bacteria, while cotton disposable masks can only block 36% of the bacteria, so we should choose the first two kinds of masks.

World new pneumonia prevention measures:

(1) Try to have a rest at home in the season of high incidence of infectious diseases, and don't join in the fun. Try to avoid crowded places!

(2) If you have to go to densely populated places, such as food markets, supermarkets, stations, hospitals, public transport (subway, cars, airplanes), you must wear masks. Disposable masks are generally replaced every 2 hours, with a maximum of 4 hours. Wearing masks for a long time will also reduce the resistance of the upper respiratory tract. As long as you leave the dense population, try not to wear masks.

(3) Whether in the workplace or at home, keep the indoor ventilation. It needs a certain concentration and quantity to transmit pathogens. We often open windows to ventilate the room, which greatly reduces the infectivity of the disease, even better than using disinfectants.

Can this kind of disposable mask prevent new pneumonia virus?

Wear it if you have it. I'm not sure which one is the most effective now. I think it's better to wear it with anti influenza effect. The problem is that disposable masks are not easy to buy now. At least the safety will be higher if you wear them.

This disposable mask can prevent the new pneumonia virus.

Novel coronavirus can be prevented by N95 dust respirator. Because this kind of virus, mainly depends on vomit in the air transmission. As long as there is a mask to block the spread of this virus. Many doctors also said that the air permeability of N95 disposable mask is low, but it is not as smooth as that of ordinary medical mask, and the general public does not need high-level protection.

Note for use:

1. Wash your hands before wearing the mask, or avoid touching the inner side of the mask during wearing, so as to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask.

2. Distinguish the inside and outside, up and down of disposable masks.

3. Do not use your hands to squeeze disposable masks. N95 masks can only isolate the virus on the surface of the masks. If you use your hands to squeeze the masks, the virus will soak through the disposable masks with droplets, which is easy to cause virus infection.

4. Try to make a good fit between disposable mask and face. The simple test method is: after wearing the mask, exhale hard, and the air can't leak from the edge of the mask.

5. The disposable protective mask must be close to the user's face, and the user must shave off his beard to ensure that the mask can close to the face. The beard and anything between the disposable mask gasket and the face will cause the disposable mask to leak.