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Disposable mask

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Non-woven activated carbon 3 ply disposable medical surgical face mask

disposable mask

Product information for disposable mask:
Quality grade: First-class
Validity period: 2 years
Specifications: 175mmx95mm 3 layers
Structure: Non-woven masks are made of non-woven fabrics, filter materials, nose clips, and earbands of the masks after folding, cutting, heat sealing, and spot welding.
Product performance: Soft to the touch, odorless, tasteless, flat and non-destructive, strong adsorption, good adhesion, blocking droplets, dust transmission or intrusion into the human body, easy to wear.

Scope of application of disposable mask: For general protection of medical institutions, schools, buses and homes, to prevent the spread of dandruff and respiratory tract microorganisms to open surgical wounds, and to prevent the transmission of bodily fluids of surgical patients to medical personnel, and play a two-way biological protection role, one-time.
For use, sterilization grade products are provided aseptically.

Selection of disposable masks:

1. Choose suitable disposable mask varieties

The disposable mask for medical protection should be the first choice for medical workers, and the disposable mask for ordinary absorbent gauze should be the first choice for ordinary citizens in daily life. In special occasions, such as seeing a doctor or visiting a patient, it is better for ordinary citizens to use disposable medical masks.

2. Select qualified disposable mask

When choosing disposable masks, it depends on whether there is a trade name on the package, whether there is manufacturer's or supplier's information, whether there is a disposable mask certificate or use instructions. Disposable masks should also have one-time identification, and for reusable medical protective masks, the sterilization method should also be indicated. Generally speaking, ordinary gauze masks should indicate whether they are ordinary or sterile. The materials used for the mask shall be free of peculiar smell and harmless to human body, especially the materials for the part of human face contact, which shall be free of irritation and allergy.

Can the respirator against pneumonia be reused? How to deal with the used mask correctly?

If it's used to prevent pneumonia, don't reuse it. In order to prevent secondary pollution, please be sure to seal the waste masks with fresh-keeping bags and then put them into the centralized delivery point of the community. Do not dispose and put them at will.

Haze is a kind of air pollution state. Haze is a general statement that the content of various suspended particles in the atmosphere exceeds the standard, especially PM2.5 (particles with equivalent aerodynamic diameter less than or equal to 2.5 μ m) is considered as the "culprit" of haze weather. Haze, as the name implies, is fog and haze, but the difference between fog and haze is very big:

1. We usually call the weather phenomenon of water vapor condensation (or condensation) suspended in the air near the ground as fog;

2. The aerosol system composed of dust, sulfuric acid and other particles in the air causes visual obstacles, which is called haze;

3. Virus is a noncellular form composed of a nucleic acid molecule (DNA or RNA) and protein. It lives by parasitism between living and non living organisms. Influenza viruses vary in shape and size (collectively, form). Most viruses have a diameter of 10-300 nm. Influenza viruses are mostly attached to larger aerosol particles than themselves (dispersion system formed by suspension of solid or liquid in the air, in which the volume of particles is generally between 0.01 μ m and 10 μ m);

4. At present, the disposable masks on the market are mixed and the quality is uneven. It is understood that the production of respirators in China must comply with the national standard of gb2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment self breathing particle respirator. In the standard, disposable respirators are divided into kn100, kn95 and Kn90. The corresponding protection efficiency is

Kn100 disposable mask: protection efficiency ≥ 99.97%

Kn95 disposable mask: protection efficiency ≥ 95%

Kn90 disposable mask: protection efficiency ≥ 90%

Among them, kn100 grade disposable mask can effectively filter dust, smoke, fog, microorganism and other non oily particles with an efficiency of over 99.97%. Therefore, to protect against haze and influenza virus, it is necessary to choose a formal grade disposable mask that can really protect against haze to protect our health.

Can wearing disposable mask prevent influenza?

Wearing disposable masks is very effective in preventing influenza.?

The transmission of influenza virus is through the mouth foam and nose.?

You wear a mask, which can effectively prevent about 70% of the bacterial contact, not only filter the harmful substances in the air, but also protect the nose stimulation.?

It's not appropriate to say that you need to wash your nose more.?

There are many beneficial bacteria in your nose to protect our respiratory system.?

Frequent washing will destroy the original bacterial environment.?

At that time, any bacteria may make you sick. So wearing masks is very simple and direct.?

Of course, we can also prevent influenza by the following ways:?

① pay attention to personal hygiene and keep indoor air circulation.?

② Keep a balanced diet, not picky, not partial, pay attention to more vitamin C supplement.?

③ Keep enough sleep, do some exercise and keep warm.?

④ You can drink more Yuye Jinhua tea and isatis root, as well as antiviral oral liquid.?

⑤ You can also eat garlic every day, but not too much, 3-5 petals a day. Of course, the best way is to get the flu vaccine.

Should pregnant women wear disposable masks to prevent influenza?

Of course, it is necessary, and try to avoid going out, especially to crowded fields, and try to avoid contact with influenza like patients;

What about MEO's disposable mask for children's haze prevention?

The disposable mask is still helix Gamma Filter element can prevent haze, flu and pollution. Both girls and boys are very beautiful.