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Disposable mask

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Adult children protective nonwoven filter blue meltblown fabric 3 ply earloop disposable face mask

disposable mask

Name:3 ply disposable mask anti virus mask
Material:Non-woven fabric, melt-sprayed fabric
Size:17.5x9.5 cm
Style:Adult face mask
Color:Blue white
Filter criteria:Protective face masks
Service:OEM/OBM/ODM services are available
Package:50 pcs / box
Sample time: 2 working days
Delivery time:Ships within 3 days (finally depends on the actual order quantity)
Payment terms:Paypal, TT, western union

How often do you change a disposable mask in the office?

How to wear disposable mask correctly?

What else should we pay attention to in order to do well in personal protection?

Wear a mask to go to the office every day. In the office, she pays great attention to wash her hands after contacting with objects. After wearing it for more than 4 hours, she will change a disposable mask. "Try to do a good job in personal hygiene, not to give the virus a chance to attach itself," she told reporters, but she did it, but could not guarantee that others could do it.

During the office hours, I saw that my colleagues were too busy to wash their hands frequently, and wearing disposable masks for a whole day. Experts suggest that disposable masks should be replaced every 4 hours. Disposable mask is a common mask, which can be divided into upper and lower parts. The one with nose clip is the upper part. After wearing the mask, pinch the nose clip tightly to contact with the skin closely to prevent the polluted air from entering the mouth and nose. Do not reuse the disposable mask. It should be replaced every 4 hours.

So, is wearing a mask enough to protect us from the virus?

Experts say wearing a mask alone is not enough to contain the virus. In addition to wearing masks, you need to learn how to remove them and take other protective measures, including frequent hand washing and disinfection of the surface of objects, so as to contain the virus.

If you just wear a disposable mask, but you don't wash your hands frequently or touch around with unwashed hands, if you are in close contact with people, you still have the risk of being infected by the virus or infecting others with the germs. If you wear a mask, but you don't wear and take it correctly, you will also have the risk of infection.

How to wear disposable mask correctly?

Wear disposable mask for general medical use and disposable mask for medical surgery:

1. Cover nose, mouth and chin with mask

2. Put the fingertips of both hands on the nose clip and shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose bridge

3. Check whether the edge of the mask fits the face

How to remove the disposable mask correctly?

1. Do not touch the front of disposable mask (contaminated surface)

2. Hold the strap of the mask with your fingers and throw it into the garbage bag. Wash your hands immediately after taking off the disposable mask

Novel coronavirus is the main form of transmission of the 2019 coronavirus disease. The best way to protect us from the new coronavirus is unchanged from beginning to end.

Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol free hand sanitizer, wash hands, and then wash hands

Regularly disinfect the articles in daily contact

Keep a distance of more than 1 meter in social occasions

Don't touch your eyes or nose or mouth with unwashed hands (even if you already wear disposable masks)

When coughing or sneezing, bend your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue.