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Disposable mask

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Wholesale Ce/FDA approved 3-Ply nonwoven earloop disposable protective face mask

disposable mask

High quality efficiency filtration disposable masks loose elastic band design 3 ply non-woven face mask

Description :3 ply earloops pp dispoable mask
Material:Non-woven fabric
Layer:3 Plys
Type:Earloop face mask
Certification:CE FDA ISO
Package:50pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton
BFE:95% - 99.9%
Feature:Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic ,Comfortable, High breathability
Function:Filter visible isible objects such as droplets, on-oily particles and becteria.


1. Quality assurance and assured safety with CE certification.
2. Produced by reliable and formal manufacturer, quality guaranteed.
3. Fast deliver, onhand products can deliver to customers in 2-4 days.
4. Use new material PP meltblown non-woven fabric, comfortable for skin.
5. Effectively block 99% bef.

Can disposable masks be sterilized and sprayed with alcohol in an oven?

In view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, it has a great impact on the economy, the people's livelihood and the epidemic countries. In addition to the public panic, a large number of disposable masks are out of stock. Disposable mask was originally a very common household product. Because of its low gross profit in air filter products, there are not many manufacturers. Once the epidemic broke out, and the public panic, the phenomenon of insufficient supply, it became more and more serious.

Principle of air filtration

The principle of air filtration is different from that of water filtration and general filtration. This paper introduces a new concept. The traditional concept of filtration is to filter out substances and particles larger than the pores through the size of pores, but it is different in air filtration. There is a proper term. We pay attention to the particle size with the largest penetration rate (MPPs). The maximum penetration rate indicates that the filter material has the worst interception effect, so the efficiency is the lowest. MPPs represents that the efficiency of a piece of filter material is the lowest under a certain operating parameter and a certain air soluble rubber particle size. The MPPs is about 0.3 micron (0.3 micron) in the range of disposable mask efficiency.

Relationship between efficiency of filter material and aerosol size

Its penetration rate (P) is 10%, and their relationship is 100% - P = E. What is the size of 0.3 μ m? The diameter of a hair is about 50-100 μ m, which is about one hundred times of a hair. If MPPs = 0.3 μ m, it means that the air filtration efficiency is the lowest when it is 0.3 μ m, and the filtration efficiency of aerosols / particles smaller and larger than 0.3 μ m in the air is higher than 0.3 μ M. As shown in the figure, when the particle size = 0.3 μ m, the efficiency is the lowest, which may be different from the idea of ordinary people. The aerosol with small particle size is very good at filtration (high filtration efficiency). This means that in the test and evaluation of air screening program, air filtration efficiency at 0.3 μ m is an important indicator, because the efficiency is the lowest at this point.

Disposable mask and electrostatic cotton

Disposable mask, the traditional air filter material, if you want to achieve a higher filtering effect, the pressure loss may be higher. High pressure loss means that the resistance is large, that is, the suction is more laborious. In order to achieve a higher initial efficiency and lower suction resistance (low pressure loss), electrostatic cotton is widely used in the application of mask. What is electrostatic cotton? Simply speaking, some special filter materials can generate static electricity and electrostatic field on the surface of these filter materials without changing the physical properties of the materials after special procedures and steps, so as to increase the filtering effect of the filter materials (additional dielectric force, columbic force and image The resistance of the filter material will not increase due to the same physical properties. But there are many kinds of static cotton, and there are many ways to add static electricity, and it is different from the material purity of the filter material itself, the type of additives and other factors, so after adding static electricity, the efficiency increases. In addition, electrostatic cotton can sometimes reduce the electrostatic effect due to other factors. The main influencing factors are as follows:

Do not use alcohol to disinfect disposable masks

Alcohol is the natural enemy of disposable masks / static cotton. To eliminate the static electricity in the filter material of static cotton in the laboratory, it is necessary to use alcohol to remove the static electricity on the fiber. Alcohol and alcohol volatilized gas will reduce the filtering efficiency of the mask, so never spray alcohol on the disposable mask. In particular, medical staff should pay attention to the fact that the frequency of using alcohol and the concentration of alcohol gas in their environment are high. For example, if the supply of masks is sufficient, they should pay attention to replacement, even the disposable masks of N95.

In addition, it should be noted that the difference between a disposable mask with an efficiency of 0.3 μ m, 90% efficiency and a disposable mask with an efficiency of 99% is not only 9%, but 10 times (1000%), because if 10000 viruses pass through the two disposable masks, the viruses passing through 90% efficiency are 1000, and the virus passing 99% efficiency masks is 1001000 / 100 = 10, which is why the difference is tenfold rather than just 9%. Sometimes I see the doctors who treat the patients with coronavirus pneumonia on TV only wear ordinary disposable flat face masks. The author will be very worried for them, because in addition to the low efficiency, the sealing of flat face masks is also very poor, which is more dangerous.

Oil aerosol and liquid aerosol

Oil aerosols or water aerosols have a greater impact on the efficiency of electrostatic cotton / disposable masks. Compared with ordinary solid aerosols (aerosol / particulate), if there are more oil / water aerosols in the environment, the efficiency of disposable masks will be reduced faster, because when oil and water aerosols are collected on the fiber surface of electrostatic cotton, the contact area is larger Therefore, the electric field strength caused by static electricity between the fiber and the fiber will be greatly damaged.

So if you work in an environment with a high concentration of oily / aqueous aerosols (restaurant kitchen, petrochemical plant )Disposable masks need to be replaced more frequently.

In addition, it should be mentioned that some chemicals exist in the form of gas. If the concentration is too high in the environment, it will also have a negative impact on the electrostatic strength of the electrostatic cotton in the disposable mask.