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Disposable mask

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Adult Use PP non-woven 3-Ply protective disposable face mask

disposable mask

Product name:Disposable mask
Samples: Provide one box 50pcs of free samples with courier cost to client's account

Product use: Filter the air into the mouth and nose to achieve
Keeping harmful gassmell and droplets away
Usage restriction:Replace with a new disposable mask every 4-12 hours
Storage conditions:Store in a dry and ventilated place
Production Capacity: 0.5million/day

3 Ply,size:17.5X7.5cm,weight:3gr
Meltblown cloth: 25gr 95 filter effect
Production standard: GB / T32610-2016
PH value: 6.5
Environmentally friendly
Inspiratory resistance: ≤80
Expiratory resistance: ≤60
Safety standard: China GB2626-2006 standard

When the use time of disposable mask is longer, it should be noted that whether the mask is damaged? Do not use alcohol for disinfection, do not put disposable mask near organic chemicals (especially volatile organic substances (VOC), the chemical vapor of VOC will damage the electrostatic effect of electrostatic cotton in the mask.

In general, there are not only contact transmission and droplet transmission, but also aerosol transmission. The influence of the first two is small, but if the virus spreads in the form of aerosol, its transmission range and damage will be much larger. Rather than debating whether the virus is aerosolized, it is better to do some experiments as soon as possible to verify, and the results of these experiments are generally known soon. For example, in medical institutions and wards to collect aerosol in the air, after culture, and calculate the number of viruses can be known. If the aerogelling of the virus is confirmed, the protection methods, especially for medical personnel, must be upgraded. Of course, once the virus becomes aerosol, the life of the virus is not infinite, but will die within a certain time range. But for the sake of caution, it's better to wear disposable masks outdoors before the outbreak completely disappears.

Other protective equipment, such as air filter, can also greatly reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading in the way of aerosol. The author's experience and experiments show that a medium-sized air filter can reduce the concentration of aerosol in a 25 square meter room by more than 90% in 20-30 minutes in a closed space (all particle sizes > 0.02) Micron aerosol).

It is necessary to know and explain how to wear disposable mask correctly and what should be paid attention to. It is hoped that the epidemic can be quickly controlled and eliminated, which will be helpful to the medical personnel who are fighting in the front line all over the world and their self-protection.

Usage and precautions of disposable face mask:

1, Pay attention to the front and back of the mask.?

First of all, when we wear the disposable face mask, we need to pay attention to the front and back of the disposable face mask.?

When we wear the mask, don't wear the reverse, otherwise it won't filter the virus.

2, Don't touch the outside of the mask with your hands.?

After wearing the mask, be careful not to touch the outside of the mask with your hands, or your hands will touch the virus filtered outside

3, Disposable masks should not be recycled, because once used, masks can no longer be used to filter viruses.

4, Pay attention to the discard of disposable face masks.?

When we use the masks after use, we must pay attention to the process of discarding them.?

Don't discard them at will.?

We must throw them into the designated garbage can to avoid increasing the probability of virus infection.

5, Hold the metal strip on the bridge of the nose.?

When wearing the mask, you must hold the metal strip on the bridge of the nose with both hands,

so that the disposable face mask is close to the nose and mouth, so that it can work.

6, Children under three years old are not recommended use this disposable face because of their low vital capacity.