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Disposable mask

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Manufacturer 3ply disposable medical face mask

disposable mask

1. Offering superior levels of protection choose from a wide selection of face masks and face protection.
2. Bacteria filtration
3. Low breathing resistance
4. Unique surface water resistance and soft lining
5.Adjustable nose piece for easy use
6. Non-sterile and for single use

Product description: Environmentally friendly all-plastic tape is used for the bridge of the nose and does not contain any metal. The filtering effect B.F.E is as high as 99.9%. 3 Layers Material Equipped with unique 3 layers non-woven fabric, our face masks allow you breath freely and comfortablely while
provide the maximum protection for you.
Our face masks are made of the same standardized size of 17.5*9 CM / 6.89*3.54 Inches, which is suitable for most adults and children.
WATERPROOF DESIGN The outermost layer fabric of our face masks is made of waterproof material, which filters out most unhealthy substances.

Classification of consultation and Q & A of disposable mask consultation and Q & a platform

Masks can be divided into medical disposable masks and non-medical disposable masks.

How to distinguish medical and non-medical disposable masks

Use appearance and packaging information to differentiate

A. Distinguish by disposable mask structure

Through the resolution of the filter valve, the mask with the filter valve is generally not a disposable medical mask.

B. Distinguish by the information on the outer package

The minimum unit package of disposable mask products sold through regular channels should have information such as commodity name, protection grade, etc. The information expressed by these businesses can be used as a resolution point. For example, if the commodity name contains the words "medical" or English words "surgical" and "medical", it can be generally determined as a disposable medical mask.

C. By viewing the executive standard resolution

There are three standards for disposable medical masks in China, including GB 19083-2010, YY 0469-2011 and YY / T 0969-2013. Masks produced by these three standards can be judged as disposable medical masks.

EU medical disposable mask shall be labeled with CE mark according to EU medical device directive 93 / 42 / EEC (MDD) or EU medical device regulation eu2017 / 745 (MDR), and the corresponding standard is en14683. If there are the above contents on the outer package or test report and certificate of the mask, it can be determined as medical disposable mask.

The disposable mask belongs to the medical device in the United States, which is applicable to the Standard Specification for the performance of medical mask materials (ASTM f2100). If there are the above contents on the outer package or test report or certificate of the mask, it can be determined as the disposable mask.

4. Protection effect of various disposable masks

Protection effect from low to high: disposable general mask < disposable medical mask < medical surgical mask < kn95 / N95 and above particulate protective mask < medical protective mask

5. Packaging requirements for regular disposable masks

The minimum packaging of disposable medical masks shall be clearly marked with the following contents: product name, manufacturer, executive standard number, product registration number, "disposable" words, use instructions, production date or expiration date and other information (the requirements of other information standards are different, and the specific content of the standard shall prevail).

6. How to distinguish the front and back of disposable masks

Medical disposable mask, generally light color inward, dark color outward; nose clip on; Mask fold downward side outward.

7. Disposable masks shall not be heated, cleaned and disinfected

After cleaning, alcohol disinfection, microwave oven disinfection, steaming and boiling water boiling, disposable masks will be deformed, the filter layer will be damaged, and the protective effect and tightness of masks will be damaged. Therefore, heating cleaning and disinfection are not allowed.

8. Disposable mask belt is easy to break

The standard of disposable mask has certain requirements for the mask belt, which is too loose or too tight. If the disposable mask belt is easy to break in normal use, it is likely to be a quality problem.